Axis IP Camera Viewer

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Reasons to Love Our Axis IP Camera Viewer

Automatic camera discovery

Simple, easy and friendly controls

Support for multiple camera brands


OWLR Axis IP Camera Viewer for iOS and Android

Pan / Tilt / Zoom controls

Two-way Audio Support (when available)

OWLR never sees your passwords




Supporting the same features as our main OWLR IP Camera Viewer app, the OWLR Axis IP Camera Viewer is optimised for the particulars of Axis IP Cameras. The OWLR IP Camera Viewer is full of amazing features and everything you need, but if you’re looking for a more tailored experience that focusses on your camera brand exclusively and strips out anything that doesn’t apply to your camera manufacturer, then our OWLR Axis IP Camera Viewer App is for you. See the complete list of supported Axis IP Camera Models below.



• Designed especially for Axis Cameras
• Automatic camera discovery and Manual Configuration
• Mirror, Flip, and Infrared video controls
• Support for Push to Talk and Remote Listen
• Pan, Tilt and Zoom controls (camera dependent)
OWLR respects your security keeping your camera’s credentials on your smartphone, not on our servers.

Supported D-Link Camera Models

BrandModeliOS Apps    Android Apps    

How easy is it to connect your camera to our Viewers?

You’ll be ready to view in no time by following these quick steps:
Add Your Camera

01Connect Up

Make sure your camera and your phone are on the same wi-fi network.

Detected Camera

02Find Your Cams

OWLR’s Autodiscover detects supported network cameras in seconds.


03Easy Setup

For each camera, you go from Setup to Viewing in under a minute.


04You’re Viewing!

With the OWLR Viewer apps, you enjoy watching your cameras without distraction!

So why OWLR?

Simplified versions of our universal player, optimised for each major brand. OWLR is easy to use, safe, secure and supports many different ccamera brand and loads and loads of different camera models. 

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Outstanding Support

Easy Setup

Secured Password

Fast, Easy Viewing