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user experience

Delivering The Ultimate User Experience – Customer Review of OWLR

Thank goodness for high-speed internet as we have happily been at the receiving end of positive user experience reviews. Of course, we love to read happy reviews where our users cannot contain their excitement for our app but we also love to read the ones...

Disguise your camera

Clever Ways To Disguise Your Home Security Camera

Be the ‘Master of Disguise’ when it comes to concealing the presence of your home security system. Although having a security camera in world view can act as a good deterrent for potential burglars, it can also make it a bulls-eye target. By cleverly hiding your...

Motion Alerts

Get Into The Groove – Motion Alerts Now Released On Both Apple And Android

Be alerted to the motion.   As Madonna famously sang ‘Get into the Groove,’ we at OWLR want you to also start moving with our newly released Motion Alerts.   To compliment our well-acclaimed free live streaming service, we have now added an additional feature to our monitoring app...